Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let it Snow!

I'm 8 months old...
... and I'm ready for the snow!

Some other photos of me from this month

"I'm just going to eat this!"

Swinging... was not too sure about this

Goofing around with daddy

Yogurt face

I'm 8 months old today and I'm ready for some snow! I'm off to Colorado with my family to celebrate my first Thanksgiving. Even though there is no sign of any teeth coming in, I will still be eating my share of turkey and sweet potatoes. While I'm away, I will be practicing my crawling. I'm not there yet, but I like to roll around and scoot on my butt to get to my toys. I also can get on all fours and rock back and forth. My mommy and daddy better watch out because I will be on the move in no time. I'm still a chatter box and if you aren't paying any attention to me, I'll let you know it... as if I don't get enough attention already. Mommy loves that I can entertain myself for longer periods of time so she can get stuff done around the house. But I make sure she doesn't spend too much time away from me in another room. I love to show off my bouncing skills in my Exersaucer and I'm curious about all noises (big and small)... I also like creating them too. The most fun is at night when I get to climb all over my daddy and grab his beard with my death grip. He makes me smile with his funny expressions and the sounds he makes! Well, I sure hope there will be some white stuff on the ground for me to explore this weekend. I know it will be chilly, but I'm prepared since my crazy parents like to keep the windows opened year around... mommy finally turned on the heater today!

Thanks for checking in on me and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh my lord! What a cutie! I love that hat.

  2. ADORABLE PICTURES!!!! love love love.

    Happy Thanksgiving.