Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1st Thanksgiving and Colorado

We are back from our trip to Colorado and we all had a blast! It was a full weekend of firsts for our little Natasha. Here is a recap of our time in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

First time flying privately to Colorado

First time at the Flying L

First Thanksgiving and it was so special

First time in the snow... was not too sure about it.

First time on the mountain... future skier in the making.

First Gondola ride up the mountain

First sled ride in the snow... still not sure about this cold weather.

Tuckered out from a wonderful weekend filled with good company, delicious food, love and lots of laughter... Thank you Bill and Marsha for a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Now bring on Christmas!

If you would like to see more pictures from our trip just click on the link below and click on "Thanksgiving."

Happy Holidays!


  1. Such cute photos! The last one on the blog is ridiculously adorable! Nice Ergo, by the way - Babysteals? Looks like you guys had an amazing time in Colorado. I hope Natasha wasn't too cold.

  2. Oh Shaunna, Natasha just keeps getting cuter and cuter. That is hard to do given that she started out so cute! She is so bright-eyed and expressive. I love how you helped her experience the mountain and snow environment fully. What a sweetie!