Friday, December 17, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus...

Our week started off with a visit to Santa... Natasha was not too sure of him.
No tears though, but no smiles either.

Family Holiday Party

Auntie Lizzy and Natasha

Practicing her standing... not pulling herself up yet, but definitely trying!

Having fun with Hailey (Natasha's future babysitter)

The "Cousins"

Opening gifts and it's not even Christmas yet!

End of the night and in her Christmas PJ's

Other photos from this month:
Good thing our tree is on a table

Where are the baby gates?

Just melts my heart... I love those smiles!

Fell asleep during dinner
What a mess - peas on the face, asleep and losing a sock

Poor baby girl and it wasn't even her bedtime yet

Bundled up for the last UCLA game of the season

The decorations are up, the tree is trimmed and the lights are hung, not to mention the cold weather outside... definitely feels like Christmas to me. On Tuesday, I dressed Natasha up in one of her Christmas outfits and headed to Mission Viejo Mall to meet Santa. Natasha was not too pleased with meeting this new stranger. On the verge of crying we snapped a few pictures and the one at the top was the best. I think she would have been less frightened if we had to wait in line for awhile so she could observe Santa from a distance, but we were the only ones there. Maybe next year there will be some of those sweet Natasha smiles that we all love.

On Wednesday (in another holiday outfit), we headed over to the Link's for our annual Christmas exchange with the extended families. We all had a good time and I think Natasha really enjoyed opening up presents and took a real interest in some of the gifts she received. Hailey was a big help to Zac and I by watching Natasha while we participated in the gift exchange/steal with the adults. She will be a wonderful babysitter for Natasha in a couple of years (and I hear her family rates are great)!

Our baby girl will be turning 9 months on Christmas Eve! The year is almost over and pretty soon we will be having a one year old running around the house. Natasha is a great eater and is starting to venture away from purees and towards bigger pieces of food (still with no teeth). She still loves banana and I am able to give her bigger chucks of it now. She also loves spaghetti, steamed carrots and broccoli and cheddar cheese. However, she still wants to be spoon fed (preferably with a silver spoon... just kidding). I don't know if she doesn't like food on her hand or if she is kind of a neat freak and wants her tray clean. For example, she will take a steamed carrot and try to get it into her mouth, but if it doesn't go in on the first try she tosses it on the floor. The only thing she does eat from her hands are her Mum Mum crackers, which she loves. So, she just needs a little bit more practice. Besides being a good eater, Natasha is becoming more and more mobile. Not yet crawling forward, but she will scoot backwards or roll to get to places. The other day while I was changing in the bathroom, I had her in our room on the floor with some toys. About a minute later I heard crying and didn't see her. She managed to roll under our bed and couldn't figure out how to get herself back out... mommy to the rescue! Now when I have to turn my back to her or have to leave the room for a short time, she will be put in her pack n' play.

Thanks for checking in on our little munchkin! There will probably be new photos up after Christmas, so stay tuned. We wish everyone a wonderful and safe Christmas!

The Larsons


  1. What a cutie! I love the shots of her asleep in her high chair! When Hailey was playing with Kyra and Matt & Liz's Birthday party, I could tell she'd make a fabulous babysitter. Hopefully her rates won't go up too much over the next few years...but she might have to adjust for inflation ;)

  2. OMG, that sparkly skirt is so adorable!!! I can't believe how big Natasha is getting! hope we get to see you guys soon. Merry Christmas!