Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Thumb

"I like dirt"
Our little Green Thumb - Natasha helped daddy
plant some cucumbers, cilantro and banana peppers this
past weekend. She loves being outside in the grass
and obviously the dirt too!

We definitely don't have a girly girl on our hands

Exploring the texture and eventually the taste of dirt

"I'll take that, daddy"

Balancing all by herself... just waiting
for her to take her first steps

Such a cutie pie

Natasha knows the importance of stretching and staying hydrated

Watching Baby Signing Time... she can sign "more" and "milk."
It is the cutest thing to see! She also has a couple of other signs
but I haven't figured out the meaning of those yet.


  1. I love those shots of her helping with the gardening. She is so focused. And you are right...she IS a cutie.

  2. Such a cutie! It looks like she loves to stand! I wonder how soon she'll be walking? Aren't those Baby Signing Time DVDs fun! Kyra still watches her almost every day. Maybe the girls will sign to each other :)

  3. So darn adorable. She is getting so cute and so big! What a good helper she is! :-)