Thursday, April 14, 2011

One step, two steps, so many steps!

Natasha has been practicing her walking skills lately. She was up to 12 to 15 stepps on Tuesday. Then last night at Best Buy, Natasha decided to let go of my hands and took about 30 steps turning corners and going down aisles... all with a big smile and her little tongue sticking out. Zac and I were so amazed and proud. We encouraged her to do it again, but I think she was tired because she resorted back to crawling for the rest of the evening. Natasha loved exploring Best Buy and she had no problem leaving Zac and I in the dust. Which is funny, since she gets upset if we leave her alone in a room at home for a second. It won't be long until she will just be walking. Wish us luck on our flight tomorrow...

Have a good weekend!


  1. Wow, great job Natasha! Kyra took a break from walking to watch your videos, and she was squealing with excitement while watching you! Be a good girl for your Mommy and Daddy on the plane tomorrow!

  2. Natasha is doing so great at walking. She looks pretty happy about that whole walking idea. What fun!