Monday, July 18, 2011

Presenting... Princess Natasha

Our beautiful Princess

Mama and Natasha

Sleeping Beauty has arrived

Natasha is checking it all out

It's cooler inside

Princess Tia and Princess Natasha

Natasha with both birthday girls

Happy Birthday Tia and Kiana

All the princesses with Sleeping Beauty

Natasha attended her first Princess party yesterday. Her cousins, Tia and Kiana turned four and wanted a girls only Princess party. Natasha was lucky enough to be included with the big girls. We borrowed the dress and fairy wings from Natasha's BFF, Kyra... thank you, Kyra (that's what best friends are for)! Natasha had a lot of fun following around the girls and then playing with all of Tia and Kiana's toys in their playroom. Sleeping Beauty made an appearance and played games and also did face paint for all the princesses (except Natasha). I didn't think she would sit still long enough... okay (let's be real), I didn't want to have to wipe it all off before her nap nor did I want it to smear on her crib sheet. However, I was very proud of Natasha for wearing the wings and her headband the entire time we were there... she must like being a princess!


  1. What a cute little princess! Kyra was very happy to loan her princess stuff to Natasha! Yes, you're right, that's what friends are for!

  2. Oh my my my my...What a sweet little fairy princess!