Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beach Babe

 At Laguna Beach last Friday

 My little California girl
 At Baby Beach in Dana Point today

 My new favorite beach... great for little kids

 No waves, so Natasha can actually splash around in the water
It was such a beautiful day at the beach!

Now that our swim lessons are over, we now have time to hit the beach.  The weather was beautiful both days that we went.  Laguna Beach was fun, but with the bigger waves, Natasha didn't venture close to the water too much.  So, today we checked out Baby Beach in Dana Point and I think we will be spending the rest of our summer there!  Since it is protected by the harbor, there are no waves to knock little ones down (or drag them out to sea).  Natasha could actually walk about 10 feet out before getting too deep.  We had a blast playing in the water and building sand castles in the sand.  She is definitely a California girl!

Now that swim lessons are over, we are still practicing her skills at the pool.  I am going to try and get her to the pool two to three times a week. She still needs the practice and I don't want her to forget.  Yesterday, after nap time, we headed across the street to our little pool and Natasha did great swimming to me from the stairs and flipping over into her back float to catch a breath.  Don't worry, it is not all hard work and no play.  Natasha gets plenty of fun time with her floaty ring and noodle.  That is one of the things that our instructor insisted on that we do.  Swimming should be fun!  She also said for us to "pay it forward."  So, if any of you out there want me to show your little ones some water safety techniques, just let me know!

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