Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 1/2 Years Old!

 "Daddy,  sit on my lap"
 I think this way works better.
 Getting to hold Baby Brooks
 Brooks looks like he is as big as Natasha

 Enjoying a cupcake at Jack's Birthday Party

 First day of Mommy and Me Preschool

 At the craft table with Ms. Carol
 Stamping apples

 The finished product
 Fun with play-doh

 Snack time

 Reading time

 Playground time

Monday was Natasha's half birthday and now in less than six months she will be 3 years old!  Not only is she growing up fast, but my pregnancy is flying by too.  Natasha and I started our Mommy and Me Preschool on Tuesday.  We only go once a week for about three hours.  But we are glad to be back in school.  Natasha had a great first day... can't say the same for some of the other kids though (yikes).  The structure is the same as our toddler time class from last year.  Come in and do interactive play, help clean-up all the toys and craft stations, sit down for circle time, snack time, one on one reading time, playground time and closing circle time.  It is a great program and a good stepping stone for when Natasha goes to preschool next year (by herself).  

So, what else is new with our 2 1/2 year old?  She is very much into imaginative play.  Natasha loves to play in her play kitchen fixing us breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  She does so well playing independently as well.  Pushing her dollies around in the stroller or shopping cart, doing puzzles, playing in the yard and dressing up.  But she still loves to meet her friends at the park for play dates or bounce in the bounce house with her bff, Kiki.  Natasha loves to spend time with Grandma, as well as Mimi and Papa.  And she loves to help daddy in the yard.  Natasha is also always on the go and not much of a home-body.  Every morning when she comes into our room she asks "where are we going today?"  And I better have an answer for her because staying at home is not an option unless Grandma is coming over or we are having one of our tailgate parties.  She is such a social butterfly who likes a good party.  But who doesn't like a good party.  Natasha brings us smiles and laughs everyday and we love her so much!     

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