Monday, September 17, 2012

The Adventures of Potty Training

 Big girl undies and cowboy boots... let's get this "potty" started!
 I probably should have taken this as a cue... 
she pooped in her undies about 5 minutes after 
this photo was taken

It has been three weeks since the potty training adventure began and our not-so-little girl is doing great so far... well, pee pee-wise.  Going number 2 on the potty has been more of a challenge.  But, I have read that that is phase 2 of potty training.  For now phase 1 has been successful (she does still wear a diaper for nap time and bedtime though).  It has been over a week since her last pee pee accident and let me tell you as a pregnant woman, I wish I had her bladder.  This kid can hold it for hours and hours.  I have learned that potty training is just really nagging your kid every half hour or hour to use the potty.  I wasn't really sure when we would embark on this adventure, but one week I wasn't feeling great (another head cold), so I didn't have any big outings planned.  Why not try now?  So, Monday morning we took off the diaper and tried on the new big girl undies.  I tried to pump her full of liquids (juice boxes, milk, water) like many of those 3-day Potty Training books recommend, but if she is not thirsty, she won't drink.  Before noon, she had two accidents.  Of course, I started to feel discouraged and thinking maybe she wasn't ready... typical mom response.  Then after her nap (woke up with a dry diaper), she actually told me she had to go pee pee.  We raced to the potty and sure enough, she went!  Ah, success!  Here is where the special treats come in.  I used chocolate chips at first, but Natasha didn't think 3 were special enough and threw a fit (the next day I bought some Mike 'n Ikes... something she has probably only had once before).  Day two was even better... no accidents!  Well, until she had to poop and she pooped outside in the yard in her undies.  The conversation I posted in the previous post (Tasha Tells It All) is from this day.  She did however hold her urine for 9 hours on day two, which is crazy.  But, since then she is more regular now (about every 3 to 4 hours... like I said, I wish I had her bladder).  Besides the number 2 issue, the only other thing we are working on is using the public restrooms.  Natasha is not a big fan of the loud toilets.  I don't blame her, most bathrooms echo and it can be loud when you flush.  She hasn't gone yet in a public bathroom, unless it is a regular toilet like the one we have at home.  I have even promised to not flush it until she is out of the bathroom, but she won't do it.  It will happen in time, just like pooping on the potty.  We are very proud of our little girl and still get super excited when she goes pee pee on the potty... and now she sometimes asks for a special treat and sometimes not!

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  1. She is very beautiful. You must be very proud of her. Do you have any more big girl panty pictures or any revealing potty pics that you could share with me.
    I would like send you some pics of my little Jenny. My email is Thank You