Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tasha Tells It All

Here are some funny stories/sayings from Tasha this month...

Tasha: Uffta (I wonder where she learned that one, Grandma!)

Tasha: I want to go up there (pointing to the sky)
Me:  That is too high, you can't go up there.
Tasha: I need my bouncy shoes.

Tasha: The garage won't open.
Me: Nope, we need to fix the garage door opener
Tasha: It needs new batteries
Me: Maybe
Tasha: Oh no, my house is broken (with a sad look on her face)

Tasha: I do it all by myself!  (getting in and out of the car or walking with mommy)

Tasha: Mmmm, ice cream... that's my favorite
            Mmmm, smoothie... that's my favorite
            Mmmm, cookie... that's my favorite
(She has a lot of favorites)

Me: Natasha, where do you go pee pee?
Tasha: On the toilet.
Me: And where do you go poop?
Tasha: Outside!   
Agh yes, the wonderful tales of potty training... that will be a whole different blog post. 

And here are some photos from this month: 

 Riding her new plasma car

 And the artist... not much made it on the paper this time!

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  1. going thru potty training myself so i understand the "outside" thing :)