Tuesday, August 28, 2012

24 Weeks

 I am 24 weeks along and feeling pretty good despite this head cold that I can't seem to shake.  Both Natasha and I seem to get these together... I guess we are just having too much fun this summer.  Anyway, Baby Nikolaus (yes, we have a name and I think this is the way we will spell it.) is doing great.  We had a routine doctor's appointment on Thursday and his heartbeat was strong, my weight and blood pressure were also good.  My doctor did tell us that the radiologist who reviewed our ultrasound from four weeks ago did find that we have a marginal insertion umbilical cord.  Which means his umbilical cord does not connect right in the middle of the placenta, but to the side.  The middle is known as the "meatiest," where he would get the most nutrients to grow.  There might be some restrictions with growth with a marginal insertion, so we will just have to watch his growth with more ultrasounds.  Just when I thought I was not going to have any more ultrasounds during this pregnancy (because I never did with Natasha), we get to see him more often.  My doctor also said that I should still be able to have a vaginal birth.  The only complication that might happen (and sorry for the TMI) is when I am delivering the placenta, if the cord detaches from the placenta before the placenta comes out, then my doctor will have to reach up and grab the placenta.  She highly recommends an epidural (um yea, no s**t), which I was already going to have anyway.  And she said this is why she is my doctor... she has the smallest hands in the business.  Did I lose anyone with this post?  Baby and I will be just fine, we just want to make sure he keeps growing before he makes his big debut.  

Anyway, Baby Nikolaus is a mover and a shaker.  I feel him everyday, especially when I am lying down and trying to relax.  He is pretty strong and I can now feel him from the outside.  He really enjoys story time at night before Natasha goes to bed.  I guess he will like books too, just like his big sister.  Natasha has been very interested in her baby brother.  She asks to talk to him and wants to know when he will be coming out.  It is so cute.  She is starting to call him baby Nikolaus, but usually it is baby brother.  Thanks for checking in on our growing family.  More updates to come.  

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