Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Wedding

 Ben and Ingrid's Wedding

 Grandma Lou and the flower girl

Back of Natasha's dress

 The two flower girls playing around before the wedding


 Tasha and her basket of flower petals

 Tasha and Kiki walking down the aisle with Rose (Ben's niece)

 Natasha checking out the crowd

 Walking towards mommy

 Our beautiful girl!

 Ben and Ingrid

 Natasha sat quietly during the whole ceremony

  Her shoes
 Picture time
 Kiki, Ingrid, Tasha and Ben
 Tasha climbing the hill with daddy
 The cake with loons on top
 Me and my girl
 Family picture (with baby boy Larson too)
 Dancing with daddy
  Both girls dancing with Zac

 At brunch the next day
Best buds since the 3rd grade!

The reason we traveled to Wisconsin last weekend was to celebrate our friend's Ben and Ingrid getting married!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and took place at Ingrid's parent's house over looking the lake.  Zac and Geoff were co Best Men and Natasha and Kyra were the flower girls.  It meant a lot to us that Ben included the girls in his wedding.  And yes, I cried when Natasha walked down the aisle!  Both girls did an amazing job.  Kyra did the majority of the work of throwing the petals on the ground.  And as Jackie put it, Natasha was more attached to her petals.  After the ceremony, when everyone cleared out, she did scatter her petals down by the alter.  Everyone had a great time dancing to the band and watching the fireworks!  It was a wonderful day and weekend in Wisconsin!

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