Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tasha Tells It All

Here are Tasha's latest ramblings...

Tasha: Who's in there? (pointing to my belly)
Me: Who is in there?
Tasha: Nikolaus, he's my baby brother!  Can I say hi to him?
Me: Yes.
Tasha: Hi Nikolaus.  I don't have a baby in my belly, just food.  There is hot dog, ketchup, milk, cereal...

Tasha: Where are my keys?
Me: I don't know.
Tasha: You want to ask me?
Me: Where are your keys, Natasha?
Tasha: I lost them (obviously)

In the morning before I get out of bed, Natasha turns on the radio and dresses me in my necklaces and bracelets:
Tasha: I need to turn the music on so we can dance.  Don't worry mommy, it will be fun!

In the car, listening to the radio, when Alex Clare's "Too Close" comes on:
Tasha: This is my song!  And it feels like I am just too close to love you...
She cracks me up! 

And some fun photos from this month:
 Helping mommy make pizza
 Enjoying a cupcake from my shower 
(a separate blog entry to come soon about that event)

 What a silly monkey!

  Wearing daddy's Fergus Falls Wrestling jacket

 My two scary monkeys goofing around

Visiting baby Brooks a week after his surgery
 Look at that concentration
Piano playing cousins

Stay tuned for Halloween pictures later this week.  Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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