Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Fun

Super Girl at our 2010 Babies Club last week
A bag full of candy from the candy hunt
Reagan and Tasha
Tasha and Greyson
All the little kids

Stroller Strides Play Date on Halloween
  UCLA Cheerleader
Visiting Daddy at the office

Halloween Night:
Back in her Super Girl costume

Going trick-or-treating

Super Girl and Captain America

Waiting for the kids to arrive

Natasha had a great Halloween this year.  We had a nice celebration with our babies group last week, where Natasha got to sport her Super Girl costume for thew first time.  All the kids looked so adorable.  And then on Halloween morning we had a park play date after Stroller Strides and Natasha got to wear her second Halloween costume... yes, a second, but her UCLA Cheerleader dress will be worn again throughout the year.  I knew she was going to get dirty at the park and it was going to be a busy day, so I decided to have her wear the cheerleader costume earlier in the day and change into the Super Girl costume for night.  And I was right, she got pretty filthy at the park, but she was still super cute when we went to visit Zac at his office.  All his co-workers loved her costume.

Natasha and I have been going every night on a walk around the neighborhood leading up to Halloween.  She just loves all the Halloween decorations (Christmas will be super fun this year).  I think this got her more and more excited (and confident) about trick-or-treating this year.  And on Halloween night, Natasha did an awesome job with knocking on our neighbor's doors, saying "trick-or-treat," and saying "thank you" after receiving a treat.  She would then run towards us and say "on to the next house!"  It was so cute to watch.  But, we think she had the most fun answering our door for the trick-or-treaters.  Natasha loved seeing all the kids and their costumes and she did a great job helping pass out candy.  Good thing Grandma was here to help, because if we just left it up to Natasha, she would have invited everyone in for a party.  She was constantly asking what their names were and what they were dressed up as.  We get bombarded with kids every and this year was no different.  Our doorbell rang every two minutes for about two hours... it was crazy.  I can't wait for next year, when Nikolaus can get in on all the fun spirit in our neighborhood.  We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, because we sure did!

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  1. Natasha is such a cute, smart, funny little girl. I always love seeing your blog posts.