Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Sprinkle for Nikolaus

Just for Nikolaus... adorable Owl themed Sprinkle

Diaper Wreath

Table settings
The yummy appetizers

The gifts

A BIG thank you to the wonderful hostesses, 
Elizabeth and Linda (aka Grandma Lou) 

Jackie, me, Joliene and Elizabeth
Also, a thank you to Jackie for taking these pictures


Mimosa Bar

The buffet

Nikolaus is so lucky and loved already

The most adorable knit Viking hat

Everything was beautiful... all thanks to Elizabeth and Linda

Carly and I, due six weeks apart (or less) with little boys 

Katie, Joliene and Carly
  Me and JoJo

Party favors

A couple of weeks ago, my wonderful sister-in-law and mother-in-law threw me the most beautiful Sprinkle for Baby Nikolaus.  It was owl themed and so adorable.  Nikolaus is so lucky and pretty much all set now for when he arrives.  I do still need to put together the nursery, but that should all be done by next week (stay tuned for pictures of both the nursery and Natasha's new big girl room).  I received some adorable clothes for Nikolaus as well as some blankets, toys and towels.  All I need now are diapers.  It was a great day with my closest friends and family!

At my last doctor's appointment, everything seemed to be right on track.  I am 34 weeks and still feeling pretty good.  Except there are some days when I think he is just going to pop right out.  He is so low, just like Natasha was.  Next week, I start my internals and weekly appointments with my doctor, so we will see if I am dilated any.  I remember being 2cm dilated with Natasha around 35/36 weeks.  This pregnancy is going by so fast... I can't believe I have less than six weeks left!  I feel as if we just told everyone not too long ago.  I guess that's what happens with the second, since I have been so focused on Natasha.  At least Nikolaus gets to hear Natasha's bedtime stories every night.  I used to read to Natasha every night when she was in utero... maybe that's why she is such a story teller, ha!  And during Natasha's naps, I do talk to him and pat on my belly.  He has had some powerful jabs lately, but it is starting to feel more like rolls since the space is limiting.  And I love the hiccups!  Stay tuned for more progress...

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