Friday, January 25, 2013

Newborn Photos

 Our beautiful "baby" girl
 Our sweet little peanut
  I could just eat her up
 She loves the camera
 Down time
 Sleeping baby
And I could eat him up too

 "Nikolaus, just accept the love"
 Maybe he knows mama would be more gentle

 Love those little hands
 And feet

 Our little Viking

 Daddy and son
 Love this one... shows you how small Nikolaus was
 Our little bundle of joy
 Family of four

 Mommy and son

Here are the newborn pictures that my friend, Kara took when Nikolaus was two weeks old.  It wasn't easy getting Natasha and Nikolaus to cooperate at the same time... hence the one picture of Natasha kissing a crying Nikolaus.  But we got some great shots capturing our new bundle of joy and our new family of four! 

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  1. Shaunna, this is a beautiful set of photos. Your babies are just adorable.