Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tasha Tells It All and More Pumpkin Patch

In the car driving to the store:
Tasha: Look at all the colors in the sky and the clouds.
Me: I know, the sun is setting
Tasha: It's so beautiful.

Buckling Natasha in her car seat after petting Goliath (neighbor's St. Bernard):
Tasha: That was a nice doggy.
Me: Yes, he is a nice doggy.  One day we will get a doggy.  Would you like that?
Tasha: Yes
Me: What kind of dog do you want?
Tasha: A brown dog
Me: Daddy wants a brown dog too, like a chocolate lab.
Tasha: So, we can eat it.
Me: (chuckling) No, I'm just describing the color.  The dog would be a chocolate brown color.
Tasha: Oh, we are just going to pretend to eat him.
Me: (I had no words, just laughed)

Before Nikolaus was born:
Tasha: I love you, Nikolaus' mommy.
Tasha: When Nikolaus comes out, I'm going to have a baby in this house.

Pumpkin Patch pictures from our school field trip:
Tasha and Maddie

 Waiting for the train

 Tasha on the train

 Mommy and Tasha on the hay ride

Picking out our pumpkin

Riding the pony

Our little Frankenstein

 I"ll take this one

Watching the train go by... choo choo!

This post was meant for November before Nikolaus was born, so here it is now.  Our sweet Natasha has quite the imagination and it is so fun to see what she will say next.  She loves to sing and dance and story tell.  We are constantly entertained by her and I am sure she will get some smiles and giggles from Nikolaus real soon.  

We also went back to the Irvine Regional Park with our parent and me preschool.  We had a great time on the train and hay ride (which we did not get to do last time).  Natasha and I also braved the haunted house together.  It was very kid friendly... nothing popped out at you.  It was just mostly dark.  Next week is our last class for session one.  We will be going to a gymnasium, so the kids can learn some gymnastics skills.  Then we get a week off and we head right into session 2 the following week.  I have enjoyed these classes so much with Natasha.  It has been so much fun watching her grow, make friendships with kids in her class and start to distance herself from me (not too far and not too long... thank goodness).  I look forward to the next 14 weeks of school with her before she goes off to preschool in the Fall "all-by-her-self." 

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  1. I love her conversations. Are you getting any of that on audio recordings? You are so smart to document her comments.