Monday, April 6, 2015

Taking on DC (Part 1)

Walking to the Washinton Monument

My backpack buddy

Almost there

Getting closer...

We made it!

Cute little tourist

We found our state
The fascinating Lincoln Memorial

Natasha was quite impressed too.

Not as impressed with the White House
And Nikolaus was definitely not impressed with the White House

The National Archives

Waiting in line at the Archives 
The butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History
We would pass the Children's Museum
on the way to the bus stop. 
Yes, I did take them there (more in part 2)
Two little travelers and their electronics

 Visiting the National Zoo
We saw lots of animals, but how fun is it to
climb all over statues!


One of many Natasha selfies.  At the nightly water show at our hotel

I thought I would get this out last month, but I guess life got in the way of that.  Here are some pictures from our trip to DC last October.  We had an awesome time and most importantly, we CAN travel with our kids!  Natasha and Nikolaus did great.  Thanks to a couple of ipod touches the kids were occupied on three flights and a cab ride to the hotel.  They both slept well in the hotel and were easy to travel with into the city.  Since we were there for Zac's conference, our hotel was actually in National Harbor in Maryland.  That meant in order to get into Washington DC with two little ones (an no carseats), we had to take the bus to the train station and then take the train into the city.  But the kids loved it.  We spent the first three days traveling into DC each day to see as much as possible.  Then the last three days, the kids and I explored National Harbor while Zac was at his conference.  The first day was spent at the National Mall.  We really packed it in and was glad Nikolaus napped well in the stroller.  The second day we visited the National Archives (mailnly for Zac) and also the Museum of Natural History.  The kids loved seeing all the animal bone structures and there was a butterfly exhibit too.  And on the third day we visited the National Zoo.  We saw gorillas, lions, tigers, panda bears and so much more.  The male lion was extremely vocal while we were there.  You could hear him as you walked around the exhibit.  It is amazing to just walk into a zoo without paying.  There are so many free activities in DC which makes it a great affordable family vacation destination... Do I sound like a travel agent?  Ha!  Stay tuned for Part 2...        

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