Monday, May 18, 2015

Nikosaurus is 2!


 Our friend, T-Rex joined us for the bash

 The birthday boy
 The cousins
 What a difference a year makes...
such a happy boy at his party.  

 Mimi helping Nik out
 Cupcake time!

 Everyone loved the cupcakes

 Natasha being a good big sister
Loves his backpack
Nikolaus went skiing on his actual birthday!
Look who turned 2 (almost 6 months ago)!  Why does it go even faster with the second child?  And it doesn't help that he thinks he can do whatever his sister does.  Running, jumping, climbing, and dancing... he loves to move.  But, he also loves to relax and watch movies.  His favorites include: Frozen, Toy Story, and Despicable Me.  For his birthday party, I went with a dinosaur theme.  He likes Rex from Toy Story and his favorite word for a while was ROAR.  Nikolaus definitely enjoyed his birthday party and was excited about all the new dinosaurs he got.  He loved being sung too and trying to blow out the candles himself.  It is so fun to see his little personality grow.  We had his party a week early, since we would be in Colorado for his actual birthday (the day after Thanksgiving).  And what did this lucky duck get to do on his birthday?  He went skiing for the first time.  Amazing!  He wasn't too crazy about it that day, but we tried again the next day and he loved it.  He was so excited about riding up the magic carpet.  And then Zac and I held him by his bib and guided him down the hill (we were walking).  We can't wait to get him back out there.
We knew that being the second child and a boy that talking would be delayed a bit.  We never experienced this with Natasha so we were not sure if we would have to try speech therapy with Nik.  While we were in Colorado he actually started saying "two word sentences."  "Sit, Cooper" (although the way he said it it sounded like "Shit, Pooper").  Our pediatrician was very happy with this simple milestone.  Next she asked us if he has referred himself as "I" or "me."  He had not at this point, but either later that day or the next day he started to say "me."  He has made tremendous progress since six months ago and I will share some of his greatest sayings in another post.  Other than that he is a thriving two year old.  Here are his stats from that appointment:
Weight: 23 lbs. 12.5 oz. (50th percentile)
Height: 31 1/2" (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 47 3/4 cm. (75th-90th percentile)
What else can I tell you about our not-so-little boy.  Nikolaus is as sweet as can be with lots of hugs and kisses. He is still attached to my hip, but he loves to play with his sister and help his dad in the backyard.  Nik enjoys going to Toddler Time with me, but is not a fan of the daycare at MOPS.  He is still a great sleeper and an adventurous eater.  His new favorite is soup.  A little random, but maybe that is because Natasha would never try soup.  He is also not afraid of a little spice.  Nikolaus has some favorite new tunes.  He is still a dancing machine, but he is now into singing too.  Some of his favorite songs are "Let it Go" (obviously), "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "Living on a Prayer."  I know he is a mama's boy and I probably should work on that, but I don't know yet if he will be my last baby (I'm not pregnant).  So, for now he can keep me wrapped around his tiny finger.  We love you sweet boy!   

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