Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Weeks!

 Tummy Time... not the biggest fan.

 Mommy time

 Our other child needing some love

Not to sure about bath time

 Daddy time

Shake... good boy!

Lunchtime with Daddy

Out and about

Chauncey and Natasha

Exhausted after our walk

Natasha is 3 weeks old! It was a big week for this little girl. On Monday she had her 2-week wellness check with her pediatrician. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. and grew 3/4". The doctor said she looked great and that there is no longer concern for jaundice. She was pretty impressed that she gained all that weight back (and more) with just breastfeeding. That evening she had her first real bath at home. She seemed iffy about it. We think she liked the sound of the running water, but sitting in the tub itself was not fun.

On Tuesday we ventured out of the house for a stroll around the neighborhood. It was my first time taking her in her stroller with Chauncey. I was a bit nervous to see how Chauncey would react but he was awesome and walked by the stroller the whole time. I was very proud of him.

According to, I am Natasha's world. She is able to recognize my voice, my smell, and my appearance. She can even taste the difference between my breast milk and someone else's and would choose mine if given the choice. She is definitely more alert these days but seems to have her days and nights mixed up. Hopefully, we can keep her up more during the day so she can sleep longer at night. This would make mommy and daddy very happy!


  1. She's doing a great job of growing and getting bigger! I'm so glad to hear that her jaundice is no longer cause for concern.

  2. can't believe it has been 3 weeks already! so glad that Natasha and Chauncey are getting along :)

    love the new photos and that last outfit is SO adorable!