Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double Digits

Natasha is 10 months old!

Admiring her shoes

Swinging at the park

Watching football with daddy

Natasha turned 10 months old yesterday and to celebrate we went to the park to swing! Two more months and we will be celebrating her 1st Birthday. It will be a Spring theme with bright colors and flowers. I'm excited to plan a party again! Now back to our growing blossom... Natasha is doing a pretty good job pulling herself up, but hasn't quite figured out a graceful way to get back down onto her bottom. She hasn't been walking along any furniture yet, but likes it when Zac or I hold her hands and walk with her. Natasha has been a great eater and is done with pureed foods except for the occasional applesauce. She is most interested in what mommy or daddy is eating and would prefer to eat off of our spoon or fork. Natasha has gotten much better at picking up foods and putting them in her mouth, although she is still pretty messy (we have found a couple of cheerios or crackers down her shirt). As for sleep, she is still waking up twice a night to be either fed or comforted. I have tried to let her cry it out for a bit, but now that she is pulling herself up, she will just stand in her crib and cry. So that plan just doesn't work. Other than that she is a happy little girl who likes to still play peek-a-boo, babble, wave hi/bye, give high fives (still working on it), tip over the towers Zac and I build, shake bells and tap two objects together to make a sound (I think her BFF, Kyra taught her this one). But most of all she loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy!

Have a good week!

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