Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunflowers and Tutus

My absolute favorite photo!

So full of smiles

The crooked smile

There is that tongue

Wow, we are already into February and the sunny days continue with warm weather for us, Southern Californians. With the nice weather, there have been many outings to the park to go swing and slide down the slides. After taking a break for the holidays in December and Janurary, we have a couple of play dates set up for this month with the 2010 Babies Club, so Natasha will get to see her friends soon. Our little monkey continues to bring us smiles and laughter everyday. She is pulling herself up like a champ and even has dared herself to let go for a bit to try and balance. She loves to walk (while we hold her hands), but crawling is so much easier. Natasha has even been saying "mama" to me. However, it's only when she is mad, sad, hungry or fussy. But it still counts and melts my heart each time. "Dada" still gets smiles and giggles. Natasha still loves music and her music class on Monday mornings. She does a great job shaking the bells and maracas and listening to the songs we sing.

The beautiful pictures posted above were taken on Saturday by a local photographer in Ladera Ranch. She was running a special for mini sessions and I couldn't pass up on the good deal. It was Natasha's first professional photo shoot and she did a great job flirting with the camera. I am hoping to use one of the photos for Natasha's birthday invitation. And the flowers seen in the photos will be apart of the decorations for her party.

Speaking of birthday parties, Natasha's BFF, Kyra turns the big 1 on Friday and her party will be on Saturday. We are very excited to celebrate the special occasion with her and her parents! Hopefully, I will have some photos to post next week of the girls together at the party.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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