Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Fun Week: Day 2

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

  Checking out the elephants

  Natasha liked the baby elephant and their "trunk noses"
The sleeping lions

Checking out the "big kitties"

 On the tram to check out the animals from Africa

 Chatting with daddy

 Gorillas... can you spot the baby?
 There he is... he was so cute walking around and playing with his toys.

 Mommy and Tasha

It was another fun and successful Family Day!  We ventured down to San Diego to the Safari Park.  We were actually here around this time last year, but I don't think Natasha remembered that trip (she was only 14 months old).  We all had a great time checking out the animals, especially all the baby animals that have been born at the zoo.  We even checked out the bird show on our way out.  Natasha enjoyed the talking bird.  Our little monkey even stayed up for the whole car ride home, so she had a great nap when we returned. 

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