Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

 Riding the ferry
 Mommy and Tasha
 After lunch at Ruby's Natasha running around with Daddy 
before she got sick and threw up all of her strawberry banana 
shake and french fries.
 She is all better now!
Trying to catch up to daddy

I had a wonderful Mother's Day last Sunday!  We met Grandma Lou, Matt, Elizabeth and Brooks down in Balboa for a ferry ride and lunch on the pier at Ruby's.  After lunch the cloud cover started to burn off and the sun was shining.  We even saw a huge pod of dolphins swimming by the pier.  Natasha enjoyed her first strawberry banana shake at Ruby's.  Unfortunately it did not stay in her tummy.  After chasing daddy for about 45 seconds, she threw up her lunch!  We have dealt with spit up, but never vomit.  Thank goodness we were outside and she managed to get most of it in the grass.  Some did get on her, but we just changed shirts.  The best part is that it didn't even phase her.  She just went back to chasing daddy!  Definitely a day I will always remember!

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