Saturday, May 19, 2012


 So excited to be at the airport and see all the airplanes
 Buckling up
 All ready to go
At the Seattle Aquarium... touching Sea Stars

"There are more over here"
Sitting on the whale
Standing on the wahle
Baby sea otter and mama sea otter
An attempt to get a picture of us
This one turned out pretty good... Natasha liked sticking her head out of the holes.
Ice Cream time!
Yup, she didn't enjoy that at all!
Checking out the first Nordstroms with her pink balloon.
What rain?  We had beautiful weather while visiting.  
(View from our hotel room)
Also, from our hotel room... view of the Space Needle
Dinner with daddy
Mommy and Tasha (and a friend we met at dinner)
Our daily walk down to Pike's Market

We watched the guys throw and catch fish!

Beautiful flowers every morning!

Last week Natasha and I tagged along on Zac's business trip up to Seattle.  I had never been before and airline tickets were pretty reasonable, so we decided, why not!  Natasha did great on the flight up there and back.  She loved being in the hotel room and riding in the elevator all the way up to the 35th floor.  While Zac was busy working Natasha and I explored downtown Seattle.  We went to the Seattle Aquarium one day and got to touch the Sea Stars and some Sea Urchins.  There were also Sea Otters and Seals to see, as well as fishies!  Every time we found a new tank of fish, Natasha would say "there are more over here!"  Natasha and I also did some shopping at Pike's Market, which we visited everyday.  And we also went to the very first Nordstroms.  We ate lots of delicious food on this trip and we did a lot of walking which was good since I was missing a week of Stroller Strides!  Overall it was a great trip and hopefully we can go back soon and explore the rest of Seattle and more of Washington!  Natasha still talks about staying in a hotel and pushing number 35 in the elevator... I think she had a good time too!

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