Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Fun Week: Day 4

 We are at Sea World!
 Checking out the polar bears
 This polar bear was quite the entertainer... at one point he walked right past us!
He was huge!
 Zac and Tasha checking out the polar bear footprints
 Tasha was dancing to the music
 At the Shamu show... she did not care for it and neither did we.
 Touching the sea stars
 Reading up on sharks

 Watching the sharks swim over our heads... definitely a cool exhibit.
 In front of the sea lion exhibit... before I flung a 
fish at Zac (it was an accident)
All tuckered out with veggie sticks in hand

We had a great day at Sea World on Thursday.  I always love going there and seeing all the aquatic animals.  Natasha had a good time too!  We all enjoyed the sea lion show, but was not that impressed with the Shamu show.  It is very different now that the trainers don't swim with the orcas.  All they did was play music and have the orcas do one trick after another.  There was no commentary what so ever.  It felt like they were in the process of revamping the show, but failed to mention that.  Anyway, Natasha did great riding in her stroller and walking through all the exhibits.  She enjoyed the penguins, dolphins, sea lions and the sharks.  Besides the dolphins, I think the shark exhibit is one of my favorites to see.  I love riding on the people mover and watching the sharks swim overhead.  Another favorite was feeding the sea lions.  Zac had bought me a tray of fish and they had told him to watch out for the birds.  Well, I managed to feed one sea lion a fish without problem.  But, then as I was holding the fish to feed another sea lion (I guess I was holding it a second too long), this pesky bird dived straight for the fish in my hand and out of reflex I flung it at Zac (accidentally, of course)!  I was able to retrieve the fish and feed the rest to the sea lions, but that bird watched me the entire time.  We ended the day with lunch and drove home, where as you can see Natasha passed out with food in hand!  

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