Saturday, February 25, 2012

23 Months

Only one more month to go!

Natasha is going to be a rock star when she grows up...
she loves to drum!

The only way I could get her to go out front with
me to take pictures was to let her bring her drum
sticks with her.

Our happy little 23 month old

Oh my, less than one month until our little baby turns two! Natasha still keeps us busy and amazes us everyday with what she knows. Lately, she has been interested in animal sounds. Natasha knows what a cat, dog, monkey, bird, frog, duck, pig, cow, and goat says. And she loves pointing out the animals she knows on her iPad apps or in books. Right now her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I think she has it memorized... she can almost recite the book from beginning to end without looking at it. Natasha has also been able to remember lyrics to the songs we sing during toddler time and her music class on Thursdays with Grandma. We are looking forward to celebrating her birthday next month and I think Natasha can't wait either since she has me singing the Happy Birthday song to everyone everyday. As you can see from the pictures above, Natasha is very musically inclined. She loves to drum and I think she will be a drummer one day. Her grandma Lou could then live vicariously through Natasha, since she always wanted to be a drummer herself. But, this does not mean that Natasha is ready for a drum set yet... so, don't get any ideas! Thanks for checking in on our little drummer girl.


  1. Natasha is just so happy and cute. So close to two already!!

  2. Love it! She should come over and drum with Jakey since he has a drum set already thanks to my parents :)