Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in Session

Reading time before heading out to the playground

Playing in the sand

Cleaning out the sand before heading back inside

Natasha's craft this week... all about hearts!

This week we started the second session of Toddler Time and we were excited to be back after a two week break. It's a parent and me program offered through Capistrano school district and it is a great way to get our toddlers started in a school-like setting without leaving them. I decided to switch to the Tuesday class this session since I was missing my Friday workouts... we still have the same teachers and some of our friends moved with us. Natasha had a great day and even played by herself without having me follow her around the room. I think her favorite toy/station this week was the play kitchen and the dolls. It was so sweet to see her put a baby doll in the high chair and spoon feed her food... she is such a little mother. With Valentine's day coming up, this week's theme was all about hearts. The teachers decided that our kids are a little to young to do Valentines this year and that is why hearts was this week and not next. I'm sure many of you think this is unfair, but I am a little relieved not to have to bring in Valentine's for everyone next week... only because Natasha has a Valentine's Day party to attend on Monday with our Stroller Stride friends and on Wednesday with the 2010 Babies club. Don't worry, she won't be deprived of any Valentine's. But that means, this mama has to get to work! I also have to mention that we celebrated four of Natasha's friend's birthdays at school and she now wants me to sing the "Happy Birthday" song over and over again. She will say a name and then say "sing." She is very excited and ready to celebrate her BFF, Kyra's birthday this Saturday!

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  1. Kyra is so excited for her Birthday party and every time we talk about it, she tells me that Tasha, Adoo, and Zac are coming!!!