Monday, February 13, 2012

Trains, Ponies and Charlie Brown

Riding the choo choo train at Irvine Regional Park

Natasha's first pony ride

I think she is a natural

Jack Yabroff also riding a pony

And birthday girl, Kyra loved her first pony ride too!

Natasha loves all animals and seems to have no fear

My sweet baby girl

Taking Charlie Brown for a walk

Go Tasha Go!

Here is a fun video of Tasha walking Charlie Brown... she might be ready for a dog!

On Saturday, we celebrated Kyra's 2nd birthday at Irvine Regional Park. This was the first time Natasha has been to this park and I am sure we will go back soon. All week leading up to the party Natasha asked about Kiki's birthday... "choo choo train with mama and dada," "riding neigh neighs with Kiki," and we can't forget about "happy birthday cake." The train ride was fun (we rode it twice) and Natasha loved the dark tunnel at the end... "more tunnel." I think it might be time to take her to Disneyland. Natasha also had a great time on her first (real) pony ride. No more merry-go-rounds for this little girl. I think she (and Kiki) are going to expect real pony rides from now on. And if that was not enough fun for the girls, our friends, Jeff and Carly brought their dog, Charlie Brown to the park. Both Kiki and Tasha took turns walking Charlie Brown. I'm sure he was just as exhausted as the girls were when we left, but boy did they have fun. I can't believe Kyra is now two and Natasha is next (less than 6 weeks away)! I guess I better start planning her party!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. I'm so glad Tasha (and you guys) liked the park so much! We love it there, and I'm sure we have many more pony rides in our future! Kyra had so much fun with Tasha! Thanks for joining us for her Birthday!

  2. What a fun day. I always love to see Natasha. I thing the dog walking was my favorite.

  3. Natasha looks so cute on the pony! So great to see you guys on Saturday. Jake loved the tunnel too :)