Monday, February 20, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!

Natasha and her Valentine's Day balloon

She had so much fun running with her balloon
Visiting dad at work... looking at "more pictures of Tasha"

Zac put Natasha to work before we went to lunch.

Natasha's Valentine's Day card to her dada

At school during playtime

So Tasha

Pretty girlie construction worker

Feeding her baby

Valentines for Tasha's friends

Tasha and Gage at the Stroller Strides party

Natasha's first lollipop

Taking a ride with Gage

Happy Valentine's Day everyone... a week ago! Natasha had a great Valentine's Day as did her mama and dada. The festivities began last Monday with our Stroller Strides party. After class we handed out Valentines (thank you Pinterest for the idea) to all the kids and Natasha scored some yummy treats. We also celebrated a birthday with a pinata. Now I think Natasha would have been fine if the pinata was Mickey Mouse or some other fictional character, but it was a dog. Natasha is an animal lover and when the dog's body fell off and the only thing left hanging on the rope was the head, let's just say there were lots of tears from my little girl. She was not the only one traumatized by this experience. So we might not be having any pinatas at her birthday parties in the near future. Other than that it was a fun day for the kids.

We had our toddler time class on Valentine's Day, so Natasha was all decked out in pink and red. She had a great time feeding the dolls, checking out the tools and playing with her friends. After school we headed to Zac's work to give him his Valentine's Day card (once again, thank you Pinterest for the idea) and go out to lunch. We had a great lunch at Hanna's Restaurant and Natasha enjoyed her french fries. On our way home we stopped at the market to get a few things for our Valentine's Day dinner and Natasha spotted all the pink, red and white balloons. She grabbed one at the checkout and that one made it's way home with us. After her nap, she had so much fun with that balloon. I had to tie it to a bracelet so that it wouldn't fly away. It provided lots of entertainment for Tasha so that I could fix dinner.

We also had another Valentine's Day party with our 2010 Babies group, but I didn't get any photos of the party. The kids had a good time playing at the park and handing out their Valentines to their friends. It was a great week filled with love!


  1. I love Natasha at work with daddy looking at Natasha photos. And also feeding her baby. So cute.

  2. That Valentine's card and those candy bag Valentine's are so, so, so cute!! Such great ideas!