Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here We Go Again

 We are expecting Baby Larson #2 in December!
I left this note and the pregnancy test for Zac to see when
he got home from work. Natasha always says "it happened"
when something falls down or she hurts herself or she
knocks something over... it is a cute little saying that I
borrowed for this.

Natasha is so excited to become a Big Sister!

 Baby Larson #2 at 12 weeks and 3 days
 Baby Larson #2 was doing some big jumps in there during our ultrasound
And the ultrasound tech said that Baby Larson #2 is a BOY!

We are absolutely thrilled to be expecting again and to give Natasha a baby brother.  We were not expecting to find out the sex until our anatomy scan in July, but the ultrasound tech was 100% positive that Baby Larson is all boy!  No wonder I had morning sickness this time around.  My pregnancy with Natasha was pretty smooth, but this one has been entirely different.  I am feeling much better as I enter the second trimester.  We still have to wait for the blood results from my first trimester screening, but the tech said that he is measuring right on track and seems to be perfectly healthy.  He is measuring in at 3 1/2 inches (from head to feet... if you stretch him out) and his NT measurement was 1.13, which is great (anything less than 3 in normal)!  We go back at the end of this month for an appointment with my doctor.  We did tell our immediate family on Mother's Day with Natasha wearing her "Big Sister" shirt (yes, us and our shirts)!  Then we slowly started telling more people after we heard the heartbeat last week and now we are officially "out" after our great NT scan.  Stay tuned on our growing little family! 


  1. We're so excited for you guys! And I love the "It Happened" sign! So cute!

  2. !!!!! So exciting! Congratulations!!! Yay for a boy! I think they like showing their stuff off early...:)

  3. Congrats again!!! So exciting! Yes, boys love to show their goods :)