Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer at the Ballpark

 Lounging around in the suite
 Natasha had no interest in the game because Jack was around... her other best bud!
 Watching the game from the dugout view
 Our view (kind of blurry)

 I think daddy was trying to explain the game to her
 Doesn't look too interested
 At another game... Natasha got her first baseball cap
 Snacking and watching the game
 A clear view from our seats
 Ready to pitch the ball at the kid's fun zone

 Pajamas and her Angels hat... quite a look!
But the look isn't complete until she has her pink cowboy boots on

Natasha has already been to two baseball games this summer.  On Friday, June 15th we joined the Links and the Larsons for a night at Angels stadium.  Natasha had more fun hanging out in the suite with Jack than being outside to watch the game, but at least she was content.  It was also Big Bang Friday (Friday night home game).  After the game (win or lose), they had a big firework show.  This was the first time Natasha has seen (and heard) fireworks since she was 5 months old.  She did great... a little scared at first, but she ended up really enjoying the show.  So we are excited to take her to out nearby park on the 4th to watch the Ladera Fireworks show.  She has been talking about it and know we have to wait 'til the fourth!  I'm glad we get to enjoy them this year, since we didn't try last year... mainly because of her bedtime.  

Then last Sunday we headed to our second Angels game.  It was a day game and we only stayed for about an hour and half.  We had to leave early to get home so Natasha could nap.  We are not at the point of a no nap day... hopefully not for another year or so (mommy needs the quiet time and with a new baby on the way).  Anyway, Natasha got her first Angels baseball cap and she looks so stinkn' cute in it!  We ate lunch there in our seats and then we walked around for a while before heading home.  Natasha even got to pitch in the kid's fun zone area.  Even though we were there for a short period of time, it was still a great day!

We will be heading to our third game on July 7th to support Baby Brooks and the Smile Train Foundation!

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