Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tasha Tells It All

Our not-so-little 27 month old has a lot to say these days. Here are a couple of my favorite stories, sayings, sentences, etc.

Last weekend at the pool, some older kids were playing "Marco Polo..."
It Player: Marco
Tasha: Marco
Me: Natasha we are not playing the game
It Player: Marco
Natasha: Marco
Other Players: Polo
Natasha: Marco

This is for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans: We were hanging out in Natasha's room...
Me: Are you going to move into the big room and let your brother have this room and the crib?
Tasha: No. I'm going to move my crib into the other room.
Then she starts to pull on the crib...
Tasha: This is too hard!
Me: What should we do?
Tasha: Oh Toodles (although she pronounces it oh toonels)!
Me: (laughing)
Tasha: A mouskatool
Me: Do we need a handy crane?
Tasha: Yes!
After telling Zac this story...
Zac: Natasha, do we need a goofy crane to move the crib?
Tasha: It's called a handy crane (such a smarty pants)

While getting dressed upstairs...
Tasha: Mommy is putting on her booby socks
Me: (laughing) No, it is called a bra
Tasha: Booby Socks!

Natasha likes to turn her xylophone over and pretend it is a skateboard (it does have wheels on it)...
Tasha: Look a skateboard.
Me: No, that's a xylophone.
Tasha: Let's go buy a skateboard.
Me: Where do we buy a skateboard?
Tasha: Target
Me: Yes, I think Target has skateboards.
Tasha: And suitcases!
She obviously knows that Target has everything!


  1. My goodness! Natasha must keep you guys laughing!