Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer is Here

 Water Park days are back!
 Venturing out on her own
 Watching the big red bucket dump water
 So happy to be in the water
 Having fun during the safety break

 Going to check out the play structure

 Bathing beauty
 Working on her kicks
 Pizza time!
And boy, was she hungry!

Summer is in the air and the water park in Ladera is up and running.  Zac left for Florida yesterday for a business trip, so after Natasha's nap, we headed to the water park for some fun in the water.  It was nice and warm outside, but with a cool breeze.  We splashed around for a good two hours before heading back home for dinner.  Natasha was sure hungry, she ate a huge slice of pizza all by herself.  She has probably said that "she had fun watching the bucket" at least fifty times.  Don't worry baby girl, there will be plenty of times this summer to watch the bucket! 

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